Here are some of the top tips on how to win the lottery.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #1: Play!

Winning the lottery isn’t just about luck. Every single person who has ever won the lottery had to play it! Take luck into your own hands by buying a lottery ticket.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #2: Check Your Results

There are millions of pounds in unclaimed lottery tickets right now. What is the point of playing the lottery if you aren’t going to check your results so you can claim the win?! At least the unclaimed National Lottery prizes all go to good causes!

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #3: Play Online

If you are the type of person who loses lottery tickets or forgets to check results, then it is best to play online. Playing the lottery online is really easy because you can manage accounts and see your tickets online. You don’t even have to check results because an email will get sent to you if you have a win.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #4: Pick Random Numbers

If you think that you are being clever by playing some specific system or hot numbers, then you are wrong! There is a good chance that someone else is using that same system. If you get a win, you will then have to share it with others. Focus on completely random numbers and you are more likely to have the win all to yourself.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #5: Form a Syndicate

You can increase your chances of winning the lottery by playing with a syndicate. This way, you can buy more tickets without investing more individually.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #6: Play on Wednesday

You’ve got the same chances of winning on Wednesday as you do on Saturday. However, more people play on Saturday so there is a bigger chance you will have to split the wins with someone else.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #7: Play More Tickets Less Frequently

If you normally play the lottery twice a week, you can increase your chances of a win by playing just once weekly but with double the normal amount of tickets.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #8: Think about Small Prizes

Most of us dream about getting a major jackpot when we play the lottery. However, the small prizes are also a lot of fun. Play games which give you many chances to win, like EuroMillions.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #9: Choose Lottery Games with Best Odds

There are a lot of different lotteries. Play the ones which have the best chances of giving you a win.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery #10: Have Fun!

If you aren’t having fun on the lottery, then you won’t keep playing – and playing is the only way to win. Enjoy yourself and you might just get a jackpot one day!