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The Alchemist

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We've all heard of mad scientists (Doc Emmett Brown anyone?), but I'll bet you've never found one who can help you win cash prizes. The Alchemist scratchcard game from Celeblotto features a funny little man who can help you win £100,000. Step into his crazy laboratory and all you need to do is match three potions to win. 

  • Match 3 potion symbols to win a cash prize
  • Choose Autoplay for up to 50 goes
  • 9 ways you can win
  • £100,000 max payout
  • Play from just 50p
The Alchemist
The Alchemist Scratch Card - Game Character

How to Play The Alchemist

  • The + and - buttons in the BET box let you decide how much you want to wager on each game.
  • Press the 'BUY TICKET' button to begin. 
  • Scratch off each symbol individually or use 'REVEAL ALL'. 
  • Match 3 symbols to win a cash prize.
  • See how much you've won in the winnings box.

Play when you want with Instant Win and Scratchcard games from Celeblotto. With stakes as small as 50p and prizes up to £100,000, it's your time to win. Be lucky. 

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