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If you're feeling starry-eyed from looking at our 'celebs', it's time to take it one step further.  You can win serious cash prizes with the Zodiac Fortune instant win game from Celeblotto. Match 3 astrological symbols to take your winnings into the Cosmos with payouts of up to £100,000. Bet from just 50p to blast off your play. 

  • Win up to £100,000
  • 94.9% return to player
  • Bets from just 50p
  • Match 3 symbols for a cash prize
  • 9 ways to win
Zodiac Fortune
Zodiac Fortune Instant Win - Game Character
  • How to Play Zodiac Fortune

    • Using the + and - symbols in the BET box, tell us how much you want to bet on each game. 
    • Use the 'BUY TICKET' button to confirm your selection and start your game. 
    • Scratch each symbol individually or use 'REVEAL ALL' to jump to the end. 
    • Simply match 3 symbols for a win.
    • Keep track of much you've won in the winnings box.

Play when you want with Instant Win, Scratchcard and Slots games from Celeblotto. With prizes up to £99,500 from a £1.99 stake, it's your time to win. Be lucky. 

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