Includes 3 different lottos

  Includes 3 different lottos

  17 bet bundle

  Based on official lottery draws

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Play 3 Draws
Japan's Mini Loto


1 line 1 draw (Tue)
Japan's Loto 6


2 lines 2 draws (Mon, Thu)
Japan's Loto 7


2 lines 1 draw (Fri)
1 Week Play 4 draws
2 Weeks Play 8 draws
4 Weeks Play 16 draws
AutoPlay Renews every 4 weeks. Never lose a ticket. Never miss a draw.

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Asian Odyssey Logo More About Asian Odyssey

This bundle is loaded with Eastern promise and includes bets on Japan’s trio of official national lotteries with 16 lines played over 7 days for a discounted price that gives you great value without any hassle.

  • Play 16 bets on Japan’s favourite weekly draws for £16.99
  • Includes bets on Loto 6, Loto 7 and Mini Lotto
  • With sky-scraping Japanese jackpots to claim, you don’t want to give a Fuji for anyone else

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Frequently Asked Asian Odyssey Questions

  • Tell me some fun stuff about Asian Odyssey

    The Japanese have really strict laws against most types of gambling, but even they make an exception for their Takarakuji national lottery games, which have been going since 1937, although the history of lotteries goes back much further. The national draws were taken over by the Japan Lottery Association and the quirky games continue to enjoy massive popularity. Choose Asian Odyssey and you can play Japan's Lotto 6, Lotto 7 and Japan's Mini Lotto all in 1 game, with 16 lines every week. 

  • Where can I find the official Asian Odyssey results?

    You can find the official national lottery results for Asian Odyssey on the Celeblotto results page after every draw. 

Game Rules

Bundles products are simply bet packages made up of multiple individual Bets. Each Bet in the Bundle is created randomly before they are offered for sale, so Players cannot pick their numbers for Bets that are included in a Bundle.

This Bundle is comprised of:

  • 1 individual Japan Mini Lotto Bets for the next draw
  • 2 individual Japan 6 Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws
  • 2 individual Japan 7 Lotto Bets for the next draw

(In each case for the next draws following a purchase - so for example if you by on a Wednesday the Bundle will run from that date.)

Each Bet in the Bundle is individual, so a Player will collect any winnings for each individual winning Bet directly into their Account.

The Bundle runs for one week starting with the next open draw (for which lotto bets could be placed) at the time of your Bet.

The game rules for the individual Bets are set out in the play pages of each Bet in Lottery Jackpot games.

Prize Payouts

Win Millions every week on Japan's richest lottos. With 3 draws and great odds, they're one of the lotto world's best kept secrets.

For individual lottery prize tables, see the relevant lotto games.

Terms of Play