Guaranteed payouts of €100 Million

  Guaranteed payouts of €100 Million

  1-in-3 odds of winning

  Official Spanish millionaire raffle

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El Niño

El Niño

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  • World-beating odds
  • Every penny pays out - GUARANTEED!
  • 1-in-100,000 wins the jackpot

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El Niño Logo More about El Niño

Spain's New Year El Niño millionaire raffle is an the first big event in the worldwide national lottery calendar. The official El Niño draw is held every year on January 6th and  it creates more than 20 millionaires. With a €100 Million guaranteed prize pot and 1-in-3 odds of winning, this millionaire draw is the perfect antidote to your January blues.  El Niño is operated by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. The draw is held in Madrid on January 6th.  Why should I play: Over €100 Million will be paid out. Guaranteed.  1-in-100,000 wins the jackpot. Play just 1 decima and get 1-in-3 chances to win. For more information, use the buttons below or check out the FAQs.  

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Game Rules

El Niño Bets are placed on the results of the official Spanish Lotería Nacional El Niño lottery, operated by the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado in Spain ( (“LAE”). El Gordo de Navidad consists of five-digit numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. Whole tickets for El Niño are sold in fractions such that a fractional ticket holder is entitled only to their given fraction of any prize won relating to their ticket. We sell our bets on the same basis, in 10th’s of the given prize tiers for a whole ticket. The cost per 10th is shown in the number picker on the play page. Draws are usually annually on January 6th. The deadline for purchasing tickets for a draw is determined for each draw and posted on the website. There are 10 ways to win. [prize-tiers-no-odds] (Prizes stated are for 10/10ths and are a fixed sum stated in Euro). Only one Prize Category can be won per Bet, which will be the highest of the available Prize Categories achieved by that Bet. The Winnings payable in respect of each Winning Bet in all Prize Categories shall be the amount of the Pay Out announced by LAE in respect of each Lotería Nacional winning ticket in the respective Prize Category. The Winnings payable in respect of each Winning Bet, regardless of Prize Category, are fixed as per the table. Taxes Winnings in certain Prize Categories are paid free of withholding tax, others are subject to withholding tax at the then current rate. This is dependent on the amount of the Winnings and the threshold over which withholding tax is retained is set from time to time by the Spanish Government (currently 25% for all winnings over €2500). In the event of conflict between language translations, English shall take precedence.

Prize Payouts

With a prize pot of €640 Million, jackpots of up to €2 Million and no payouts lower than €300, this official national lottery draw is big news in Spain. In total, there are 17 ways to win a cash prize and the overall winning odds are 1-in-3. [prize-tiers-no-odds]

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