Includes 8 different lottos

  Includes 8 different lottos

  58 bet pool

  Based on official lottery draws

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Play 10 Draws


4 lines 2 draws (Thu, Sun)
Mega Millions


4 lines 2 draws (Wed, Sat)
German Lotto


10 lines 2 draws (Wed, Sat)
New York Lotto


5 lines 2 draws (Thu, Sun)
Florida Lotto


6 lines 2 draws (Thu, Sun)
1 Week Play 10 draws
2 Weeks Play 20 draws
4 Weeks Play 40 draws
AutoPlay Renews every 4 weeks. Never lose a ticket. Never miss a draw.

0.00 every 4 weeks)

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We all know a trump card is the key to success; and with 58 bets over 5 lotteries in a week on Play Your Trumps, you’ll be playing yours early for a chance of riches.

Why I should play 'Play Your Trumps':

  • Buy a 10th share of 58 Bets for just £12.99
  • Includes USA Powerball & Mega Millions with rollovers up to $1.6billion
  • Trump your way to a celeb lifestyle

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Frequently Asked Play Your Trumps Questions

Game Rules

Pools products are bundles made up of multiple individual Bets which are then split and sold as shares of the bundle. Each Bet in the Pool is created randomly before they are offered for sale, so Players cannot pick their numbers for Bets that are included in a Pool.

This Pool is comprised of:

  • 4 individual US Powerball Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws
  • 4 individual US Mega Millions Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws
  • 10 individual German Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws
  • 5 individual New York Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws
  • 5 individual Florida Lotto Bets for each of the next two draws

(In each case for the next draws following a purchase - so for example if you buy on a Wednesday the Pool will run from that date.)

This Pool is divided into 10 shares, so when a Player purchases a share he/she receives a 10th share in each of the Bets and will win one 10th of any winnings related to each Bet.

If a Player purchases more than 1 share, then the subsequent purchases will be from a new Pool of Bets with different numbers - a player cannot purchase two or more shares in the same Pool.

The Pool runs for one week starting with the next open draw (for which lotto bets could be placed) at the time of your Bet.

The game rules for the individual Bets are set out in the play pages of each Bet in Lottery Jackpot games.

Prize Payouts

Win Millions every week with 58 chances on some of the world's most exciting lottos. In fact, the total potential jackpot on Play Your Trumps is over £2 Billion a week.

And if you do turn orange, it'll just be your tan from all those luxury holiday in the sun. For individual lottery prize tables, see the relevant lotto games.

Terms of Play