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Sum Bets – Over / Under & Odd / Even

All bets are based on the sum of the numbers drawn - i.e. add up the numbers on all of the balls drawn to get the sum total. Bonus numbers are not included in the sum.

Over / Under

Pick whether the sum will be over or under the stated mid point number. 

Odd / Even

Pick whether the sum will be an odd or even number.


Sum Plus Bonus

If there is a bonus ball or two in the draw, you will get extra options under this heading where the sum includes the bonus number or numbers.


Range Bets

Pick a range that contains the sum of all the balls.

Bonus Range
Exactly the same as a range bet, but the sum includes the bonus ball.

Number Match

Pick a number or numbers that will be drawn:

There are 2 steps…

1st  -  Choose how many to try and match – use the drop-down list (defaulted to MATCH 1).

2nd -  Pick your number or numbers.


The bet slip will log a bet as soon as you have picked the number of balls needed. Pick another ball and this will start a brand new bet, so you can keep on choosing bets quickly.

The returns increase with the difficulty of the bet (number of required picks) – odds are shown in the drop down list in step 1.

+ Bonus

Bonus ball is included in the result - try this version of the game to increase the your chance of winning.

Number Match - Bonus Ball Included

This game works in exactly the same way as the ordinary Number Match games, except that the bonus ball (or balls of there are two) are included in the result.

So for a 6 from 49 result where there is also a bonus ball drawn, this would become a 7 from 49 result for this particular game and odds of winning are reduced accordingly.

Bonus Number Bets

Odd / Even
Pick whether the bonus number (or sum of both if two bonus numbers) is odd or even.

Over / Under
Pick whether the bonus number (or sum of both if two bonus numbers) is over or under the stated number in the play button.

Is the Bonus Number a Single Digit?
Needs no further explanation; this is just a yes or no game.

Bouns Tally
Pick whether more of the numbers drawn will be odd or even.

Bonus Match
Pick whether the bonus ball (or either ball if 2) will match any of the balls drawn in the main draw. Simple – yes or no.

Bonus Ball
Match the bonus ball (or a ball if 2).

Bonus Range
As per a standard range bet, but based on the sum of the two bonus numbers.

This set of game explanations covers all of the bet types for bonus ball. Some bet types may not be available for some of the lotteries. The returns for each bet type are shown in the play buttons.



Smash! 5 in row Amazing!


Boom! 4th time up.


Hot Pick! 3 wins in 3 draws.


Freezing! Not won for 3 draws.